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So after a long time off Poi spinning i've finally picked them back up, had my first session with my torch Poi last night on a beach, friend filmed n made a short video. Only problem is, i have no idea where to go with my learning next....

Ive got butterfly moves and weaves (inc 5 beat), some spins and split spins, but I've got no idea how make it all more fluid. I've got some transition moves but ideally i'd like to be more dancey. Have read loads of tutorials, but jsut don't know where to begin in terms of advancing from where I am now.

the video my mate edited is here:

any recommendations would be most welcome!

cheers guys!

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I really liked the location you shot at in your video. smile

Some helpful things that always keep me stumbling into advancement are turns/twists, extensions, isolations, antispins, stalls, and tracks. Start by dissecting the moves you know how to do; count beats and try them split time. Take notice of which planes your Poi cross when doing moves. For example, by experimentation, take out one of your beats in the butterfly(wall plane) and put it behind you.(rear wall)
Also, the HOP lessons are an invaluable starting point.

Practice adding and subtracting beats wherever possible to come up with infinite variations of even relatively simple moves. Tracking is by far one of the most helpful things I use though. Spinning in wheel plane (at your sides) imagine two lines drawn on the floor perfectly parallel with your Poi. Now use those lines to 'track' which Poi is in which plane as you walk them imagine a crossing point somewhere in the middle of those lines where the Poi will intersect at it's peak in transition from plane to plane.

I hope I was of some help! I can provide some video links too; I know reading it makes it quite difficult, but a technical understanding will set your Poi free! grin

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Try to do separate things with each hand, which will lead you nicely into hybrids.
Stalls and isolations are always helpful. Wraps might work for you.

Also, there are a bunch of similar threads in here. Doing a search for "What to learn next" should rustle a few up.

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cheers guys!

Worked on some split butterfly moves and a bit of under the leg yesterday which i managed to get down, so its just building up the more advanced moves gradually. Have been trying reels but got no skills doing anything different with my left arm at all so thats gonna take some time! haha!

but really appreciate the responses! =) x