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Location: Peterborough, Ontario
Member Since: 19th Apr 2010
Total posts: 6
Posted:So I was spinning with fire last night for the first time in awhile (as the warm season is slowly approaching over here in the Northern Hemisphere.) and I found it very funny how my performance seemed... iono, a bit off? Certain moves on fire I seem to be waaaay more wary of, and the sad thing is if I were just messing around I could pull these moves off fine:

1) crossers: admittedly, I just learned these not too long ago, so it could be that they're not second nature quite yet.

2) Spiral wraps: (especially overhead) if it were regular poi, I could probably spiral wrap in my sleep, but I think there's just something about the fact that I'm wrapping flaming balls around my hands that psyches me out. Regular Spiral wraps come out mostly okay (the unwrapping is a bit sloppy) but last night as I was about to do an overhead one, I aborted the move before I could even finish... I think I had some premonition that a fireball would fall in my eye or something. duck

3) Double Bicep wraps: throughout the winter I enjoyed doing this move, but I always had some sweater or something on to protect my arms from burns.... last night I was in a T-shirt. The thought occured to me that I COULD get burned, but I was wanting to see if the contact with the poi and my skin would be enough to really hurt, what with a whole season of T-shirtyness approaching, so I gave it a shot. OUCH. turns out the poi themselves are fine, it's the chain link attached to the kevlar heads that REALLY smart. This morning the burn mark seems fine. Just a little pink, and not all that much pain, but yeah.... definitely might look into getting those arm sock things all the kids are into.

So what about you guys? What moves are you hesitant to do on fire, and for what reasons? Or did you have moves you were sloppy with that you somehow found a way to unpsyche yourself?

Location: North NJ, USA
Member Since: 21st Jul 2010
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Posted:Straight Jacket for obvious reasons I still cant do on fire. Something about crossing my arms while on fire scares me, what if I can't uncross them?

I used to be really scared of doing any type of wrap on fire but now I'm not. I don't even really know how I got over it, I was spinning fire one night and I just chained a couple forearm wraps together, realized there was nothing to be nervous about and just took off from there.


Location: Toledo, OH
Member Since: 14th Dec 2010
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Posted:I remember seeing a video from Nick Woolsey (meenik on youtube) where he shows off a kevlar tube that he puts on his fire poi. Just a couple inches long, it slides over the chain/cable closest to the poi (and the link that it attaches to), thus putting a layer of protection between the hot metal and you.

Found it

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Location: Trenton, MI, USA
Member Since: 25th Oct 2009
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Posted:For me that move is straight jacket because I'm very inconsistent with it and always smack my head.

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Sister Eleven
Sister Eleven

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Location: Seattle, WA
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2009
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Posted:Not a lot i won't do on fire, but neck wraps and contact stalls i definitely won't do. Esp. since i like white gas and that stuff will burn me almost immediately. Also i won't hold my poi still in one place for long since the flames usually reach my hands if they're not moving tongue2



Fire Spinner Exarch
Location: New Orleans, LA United States
Member Since: 22nd Dec 2009
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Posted:Oh come on Domestibot, you don't like the patchwork of burn scars on your hands and wrists? That's how we recognize each other! tongue2

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Location: Washington State
Member Since: 1st Jul 2011
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Posted:I finally cut my hair off, now I'm kind of excited to try neck wraps with fire, of course it'll have to be at the beginning of the burn so I don't get all kinds of creepy chain shaped burns on my neck though.


Location: Hicksville, New York, USA
Member Since: 15th Sep 2008
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Posted:As of last night, I don't think there is much I won't do on fire.

I did my first waistwrap, meltdown, and spiralwrap on fire, so... I think that's all I was hesitant to try on fire for now.



moon man
Location: ohio, divided states
Member Since: 28th Jun 2011
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Posted:i think the hardest thing for me to get over was doing buzz saws once i did a few shots it got smoother


Love is life
Location: Northwest Ohio
Member Since: 15th Mar 2011
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Posted:spiral wraps are by far my favorite thing to do...especially with fire. something just feels really good about bouncing fireballs off your hands without burning them...crossers are what i don't do with fire...I'm quite wide haha so doing them with anything is pretty difficult but, I've only been really spinning since march/april. I'm noticing I'm slowly getting more and more flexible...I'm hoping by my year mark I'm flexible/less wide enough to do real crossers/ btb weaves.

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Location: Peterborough, Ontario
Member Since: 19th Apr 2010
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Posted:Originally Posted By: brenonfire413Oh come on Domestibot, you don't like the patchwork of burn scars on your hands and wrists? That's how we recognize each other! tongue2

Haha! So true! As of my last post, Spiral wraps and crossers themselves have become vastly more comfortable, and I am getting used to these sexy scars.

Overhead spiral wraps are still kind of iffy though.


Poi Master Smurf
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Member Since: 5th Sep 2009
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Posted:I burnt the hell outa myself with an over the head spiral wrap 3 weeks ago. It was my 3rd urn in a 17 min period and hadn't thought about the fact the chain never had enough time to cool down. Making a new habit of doing certain tricks t certain times in a burn.

Also plane bending has proven to put the fire super close to my face. I stole a trick from a fire torch vid I saw once where he blows the fire away for the short period of time while the fire is right up front. This has helped a lot with making anything close to the face more comfortable.

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Macaque of all trades
Location: wombling free...
Member Since: 27th Apr 2005
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Posted:firestaff end on end chin balance.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


Location: New Orleans,La
Member Since: 14th Jun 2011
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Posted:(BTB) crosser lol

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The Death Card
Location: Minneapolis, MN USA
Member Since: 1st Mar 2011
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Posted:Originally Posted By: Sister ElevenNot a lot i won't do on fire, but neck wraps and contact stalls i definitely won't do. Esp. since i like white gas and that stuff will burn me almost immediately. Also i won't hold my poi still in one place for long since the flames usually reach my hands if they're not moving tongue2
lol @ the last part. this is why I do chain wraps more toward the end of the burn... less flame to deal with if the wrap gets tangled.

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not a stranger
Location: maryville tennessee
Member Since: 13th Jun 2011
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Posted:ok i know this is really for another topic but, what is a straight jacket and why have i never heard of it

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Member Since: 9th Aug 2011
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Posted:As fire safety is the number 1 priority for
Fire Knife Dancers . Fire Dancing is fun. But it can also
be dangerous. To maximise the safety of ourselves and others, it is important to be aware
of the dangers that fire can present. By following some simple guidelines we can ensure
that we will twirl in a safe manner and further enjoy the beauty of this dynamic art.

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Location: Guthrie, Oklahoma
Member Since: 4th Jul 2008
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Posted:as for me i'll do all the moves that i know how to while on fire with my normal fuel (kero, tiki oil, and paint thinner mix) but as soon as i use white gas, anything that involves physical contact with the skin is thrown out. i even tend to rule out bent over buzzsaws sometimes with WG. it's just to hot for me haha

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Member Since: 30th Apr 2011
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Posted:I use all of my poi moves basically.... even the hardest ones for me like waist wraps and crossers. But I haven't gotten to the point of spirals, tho I want to, and I haven't done any wraps with fire yet. Of course I only do moves im totally and completely confident with. I've tried with some iffy ones and learned my lesson XD

What, me worry?

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