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Posted:Saturday 26th March 1.30-6.30

Intermediate and Advanced Poi workshops hosted by Danny Thomas and Charlie Phoenix Hession.

The Duo have both been exploring Poi & Motion for many years and have decided to repeat the experience that was enjoyed @ TLC '10.

Working together the pair will be capable of exploring a wide syllabus and will be equipped to engage all ability levels.

There will be two workshops, two hours each. The price is 15 for one, 25 for both.

Check The facebook page for details:
Brighton poi workshops with Danny and Charlie

Or contact info@poipartout.com if you are not on facebook.

There will also be an after-party with fire spinning for those who attend!

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Posted:Thanks for posting this smile you beat me to it!

The weekend before, there's a fire spinning meet in London on Saturday 19th (Thames beach southbank, near the OXO tower), and in Brighton on Sunday 20th (Preston Park). Charlie and I hope to both be at both; as well as playing, we'll be able to answer any questions and take bookings...

Both workshops are aimed at those with experience playing with poi - but even so we are prepared for a wide spread. The content of the second workshop will build on the content of the first, but both workshops are designed to also be complete individually.


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