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  Posted: I need help finding a store in Salt Lake City Utah, that carries kevlar rope.
I have been searching for some time and have still had no luck so I was hoping someone on this site in Utah could help me locate a store so I can start spinning fire again smile Thank you for all that help

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  Posted:While I cannot help you locate a store any faster than you could locate one yourself (using the internet), I can ask:
"Why not just make a purchase online?"


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  Posted:hi! wave i'm with meshunderlay...online is the win! grin & helpfully, you're on Home Of Poi...which has an AWESOME shop with great prices & super friendly helpful staff! grin & lucky for you, they have kevlar rope! check it out! http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/listItems/KEVLAR-Wick-Rope

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