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Posted:I got these new photons called RAV'N, pretty fuckin expensive, 35 bucks each, but they are cool as hell
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Kind of pisses me off though because someone who isnt even any good at Poi can impress just because the lights look cool.Love always,Spanky

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Posted:thanx for the info spanki, i'll go pick some up as soon as i get my paycheck. they sound pretty wicked!
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i also know what you mean about how people who don't do poi can look good b/c the lights look cool. i was at a club last night and then as i was pulling out my glowstix he asked if he could use em' quick. i asked him what he planned on doing with em'and he's just like watch! after he was done TRYING to dance with them while just holding em' (sorry if i offended anyone by this) he comes back to me and tells me, "Beat that kid!" i'm told him, hmmm, i'm not sure, and wiped out the strings, and started going at it! he got pretty pissed as everyone started laughing at him b/c he got showed up by a kid!
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next time go freestyle swingn' unlight your poi and then ask them if they'd like a try at it, if your a little cocky?
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that may shut em' up! just make sure though that they don't swing too...then your really fucked!
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ps. sorry, it's a little off subject and kinda long but i thought i'd share my experience!
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My World is a world of one, and in being one they Rave! My World is a Godly World and I am its master!


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Posted:Plasma that's cool. Show what you can do with your skills
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