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On my recent trip to San Francisco, I had the pleasure of attending a show produced by our own Diana T. Huntress, called the Next Evolution Sideshow.If memory serves me right, there was an introductory poetry recital followed by 8 performances of circus arts. In no particular order:An aerialistA trapeze artistA woman who did belly-dancing while twirling double fire-stavesA pair of dancersA pair of acrobats who did this act where they climbed on each other and balanced on each other (I saw something like this on a Cirque du Soleil tape)A poi twirler who did his entire act with his hands tied behind his back.A contact juggler working with two balls.And of course, Diana herself, who did body transfer and fire eating.In Diana's routine, she transferred/ate bigger flames than I think I've ever seen done before, so that was pretty cool. She was also wearing an especially naughty costume, and you've gotta love that.The btb poi routine was technically very impressive. The guy who did it pulled it off well, and despite the obvious limitations, made it work stylistically pretty well too.I loved the aerialist (I'm a sucker for that kind of thing) and enjoyed the trapeze artist as well. The contact juggler, though he was only doing two balls, made it look really fluid--I haven't seen much contact juggling, but I was impressed. The acrobats I enjoyed--haven's seen much like that before either, so I don't have much basis for comparison. I have to admit that I thought the woman doing double-staff and belly-dancing didn't do a particularly good job of either--that routine fell flat for me.

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