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Posted:I just moved back to glasgow and would really like to meet some spinners here and learn some new moves. I was wondering if there are any meets that are current as all the info seems to be pretty old?

thansk for your help

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hey, I'm a spinner&teacher based in glasgow, gimme an email welcome devil weavesmiley

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Posted:Hey Rooth, Did you find about anything in Glasgow? I'm trying to back into poi and running into the same issues - all the posts are from years back frown
might be an option and Bright Night International used to do some poi, but I can't find much about recent stuff.


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Posted:I know people used to meet in kelvingrove park, but not sure if they do anymore..

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Posted:Hey ! I'm gonna live in Glasgow from January to June 2013, so I was wondering where and when it's possible to spin or to juggle up there. Is it also possible to spin fire in the town or not ?

I spin fire poi for a while, and also practice double staff and devil stick, so I hope there are still HoPers living in Glasgow !
And if you know anything about the scottish juggling convention just tell me please smile !

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