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Posted:Heya, I'm a kiwi contact staffer visiting the family in the UK, I want to show off to them a little, but am hugely not a fan of kero, what do people use over here other than that?

Also, any London people out there wanna meet and jam? Am a particular fan of day play

Night Crawler
Night Crawler

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Posted:Hi. Welcome to lovely, warm, sunny UK smile
First off, I live nowhere near London. So Im afraid I cant come and jam.
As for fuel... Theres a big DIY chain called B&Q (big orange letters). I got my lamp oil from there and it seems pretty good. Someties you may be able to buy parafin from there as well. If not, then you should be able to get it at garden centres.

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Posted:I don't know how to spin my poi properly yet. Alas, welcome to the UK. grin