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I use Lamp oil in all my Tiki Torches and Ground Torches that I light from during displays.
Recently I went to go and stock up from the same place as I always get it from, but they explained they had none in stock (a strange occurance in itself as usually they have shelves full of it)

Of course I then went on a mission around every hardware shop, garage and garden centre I could think of and NONE of them had any.
The final place I went to turned to me and said

"Oh no, Citronella Oil is now illegal to be sold in this country,"

Has anyone else experianced this anywhere? Or was that shop keeper feeling particularly irritating that day?

On another note, I also went to get some parafin in the same trip, had to ask the monkeys behind the counter for it as they arent allowed to keep it on the shop floor.
They went scurrying off into the gloomy back room for what seemed like an eternity before finally returning with Red Tractor Diesal...

There are no words to express my suprise.

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Posted:I'd be highly suprised- not seen the oil for sale in a few months (but hey, it's January) however, I've seen citronella candles in the last week, and a quick check shows citronella oil currently available on Amazon UK.

Just the season I'd imagine, and a misinformed/confused manager...

Though if you do have the visible attitude of 'monkeys behind the counter' I can imagine them being.. less than excited to help. Just a thought.


If that's okay with you?


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