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Posted:Keep forgetting to post this.

Some of you know I unicycle as well as poi. Now that may be slightly odd, but odd is nothing to what four people from Cape Town are doing.

What they are doing in fact, is unicycling from Durban to Cape Town. In pretty much a straight line. That is over 2500km. Off road. On unicycles.

OK, so three of them unicycle and one is the driver of the support vehicle, but anyway. These guys are also doing for charity, specifically Bob's For Good. This is a charity started by Bobby Skinstad and a friend which aims to give fitted leather shoes to schoolchildren in South Africa.

You can follow their progress at their offical website (
) or Twitter (

Also, if anyone is able to donate something, that would go a long way to letting them reach their goal of 2000 pairs of shoes.

See also
for more about the charity they are doing it for and
for the route.

Thanks for reading. smile

edit: If anyone has questions and such, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer, although I am just an interested bystander to be honest. That and I think that the cause is worth it.

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