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Posted:I cant seem to find what Im looking for in the threads if i missed one you know about just redirect me please, but anyway.

My friend and I are planning to make some LED glowsticks that is semi durable and look good (not super good but not like its gonna fall apart in mid air.)

The Main issue we are having is what to use for the stick itself, we dont want to use cut off old glow sticks tube, what would be a good alternative other that? looking for something that wont shatter or crack but doesnt cost a ton and could possible fit this casing in it.

Casing specs.
2-mode Switch: Momentary-On and On/Off
Light Color: BRIGHT White
Powered by 2 x CR2016 batteries

Length: 1.57
Height: 0.24
Width: 0.94
Weight:0.26 oz

Length: 4 cm
Height: 0.6 cm
Width: 2.4 cm
Weight: 7.5 g

Thanks and i dunno if im missing anything let me know please and thanks

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Posted:why not just buy some of the flowlight crystal cases, or some empty flowlights??? Hope this helped a little bit, Bye

XLR8 to the finish




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Posted:Have you considered clear vinyl tubing..? It's not completely rigid but it will never shatter, goes well with glue and comes in alot of different sizes? I experimented with my own homemade glow poi and after alot of trial and error decided the investment of supplies/time/money/engineering wasn't worth the comparable cost of flowlights. So in the end I broke down and bought a pair, it was worth it for me.


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Posted:Why not just use glowsticks ? get garity brand, about 4 bucks each, wrap them in packing tape and Bob's your mother's brother


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