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the split of general discussion shows how much we actually talk about poi, after all this is a poi website. Nice move Malcolm.peace outgarbo
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Posted:Malcolm, Fantastic idea to split the discussion rooms. I am constantly impressed with both the people on, and the people running this site.

PK is a god.. i love the Peeekster.

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Posted:but then how would you know which one to go to? is there some criteria you must meet in order to be considered "experienced" do you have to be here a certian amount of time? do you ahve to have read the a-z section? do you have to have performed? do you have to have spun fire? and whats to stop anyone from just coming in and coming to the experienced section and asking dumb questions rather than going to the newbie section?josh(hoping he isnt considered a newbie)


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Posted:ummmm redbruv - methinks thou art confused!
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Ye olde General Discussion has now been divided into two: Social and Technical. Naught was mentioned with regards to personal criteria!

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