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Posted:Hey everyone,
I have an old set of Areotec proballs that haven't been used for years and I can not for the life of me remember how to navigate the program menu! If anyone eles who has the manuel for the areotec proballs would you please be so kind as to post it up for me smile
Thank you!


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Posted:*from memory so might be slightly wrong*

Tap 3 times to access menu and wait a number of flashes before a tap to get to first the menu, then the option.

Menu 1 contains the change colour on catch, change strobe speed on catch etc options, you'll have to play about to figure which is which. First option in here turns the ball off I think.

Menu 2 changes the strobe speed (more flashes waited = faster strobe)

Menu 3 and 4 control each colour with a setting for Bright, Normal, Dim then Off

Hope this helps a bit!

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Member Since: 9th Nov 2010
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Posted:Thank you buddy,
Now i have to rip them apart to replace the batterys, make a new enclosure for them and start spinning again smile

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