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Posted:I'm wondering if anyone out there has a tried and true method for soaking fire fans with the least amount of mess. I personally like using a squeeze bottle, or individually dunking each wick into a soaking can (the latter of which makes a bit of a mess). But my troupe mates prefer using a large tray to soak multiple sets, but this causes a huge mess and is at risk for tipping over. What methods do you use?

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Posted:For my fans, and most of my wicks I use small measuring cups (tall thin kind of design) then I pour the fuel over them, and then fit perfectly in it, the cup catches the excess, and the fan frame doesn't get in the way. buckets didn't work
Just make sure obviously to thoroughly label the cup so no one thinks its for drinking from
I'm constantly seeing people with much better ideas for this than me though

Of course my horse is clumsy he has two left feet


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