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Posted:I would really appreciate collective advice on getting a really VERSATILE poi rig for fire spinning. The kind of rig you could only figure out being a veteran, whereas I am a noobzor. By versatile I mean a rig that allows all kind of moves to be done.

Oval link or ball chain stainless steel seems to be most recommended on here for surviving moves like orbitals (concept of wire sounds good with swivels incorporated but nobody who still posts on here seems to have had any good experiences)

Does anybody use really long chains to get large orbits on weaves and then manage to wrap them around the wrists nicely to go into buzzsaws? will this reduce versatility in other areas? like maybe coming out of wraps more difficult as would need to stop the wrist unwrapping?

What kind of head is the most versatile? i've heard weight needs to be centred for better stalls, are there heads that have this and are also good for cool wraps? what are the tradeoffs between having a long head and shorter chain?

What grip allows for best transitions between chain lengths? and maybe ease of release for throws, although i dont forsee much need to throw fire poi if theyre versatile in all other areas.

Has anybody incorporated a section of elastic material near the handle to make stalls and isolations easier? any recommended materials (im guessing would need to be heat resistant for wraps)

is this all the bases covered? hope you guys have fun thinking of how to make the ultimate fire poi! (unless someone already has the perfect rig. sorry for long post)

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