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Posted:I'm going to buy a new staff. I'm trying to decide between:

The Matrix Contact Staff by
The HoP Contact Staff
or the Fibre3

I am looking for a extremely heavy staff. I've used them before and they feel like they stick to my body like glue. Anyone who owns or has used any of these staffs, please tell me about your experiences with them. If anyone feels like checking out the specs for these and telling a first time buyer what a good choice is, that would also be appreciated.

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Posted:I've used a Fibre3 - it is heavy - over time I've come to favoured padded grip over silicone though

The other 2 both look decent though

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Posted:The fibre3 staffs are brilliant, not used the others.

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Posted:I can't say anything but good things about my Trick Concepts contacts staff. I've never tried a better staff and I don't even like any of their other gear.


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Posted:I've only ever made my own but that fibre3 looks bad ass and might be my next one.


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Posted:fibre 3 is heavy and hard to spin fast and if you're not smooth then the small amount of flex you get that prevents fixed bends occurring can cause it to bounce a little.

Also if you do spiral burnoffs or leave the silicon grip out in the sun it can come away from the staff leaviing the grip so it twists onthe staff causing hopping with steves (this is from about 3 years of using one) however they are so easy to do contact with. The longer length you get the more "flex" they have. I found 1.55m to be the best balance, down at 1.40m the flex is almost gone.

I did notice the matrix staffs are REALLY long, the smallest standard one is the same length as the longest fibre 3 contact. this probably explains why they called it a matrix staff, the length would make stuff on the shoulders and matrix's a lot easier (horizontal plane stuff) however looks like it would make stuff in the vertical plane harder as the ends would get very close to the ground, not ideal for behind the back entries.

I've never used a Hop contact staff so couldn't comment but the design looks pretty standard and sturdy. although with aluminium try not to drop on anything hard and protect it from getting bent as once bent roll moves become tricky.

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Posted:after hsving tried one last summer,the only staff I want is a Gora. they're close in weight to a Trick Concepts staff, but sexier somehow with those flower ends. Apparently they're also the same staff that Linda Farkas uses.

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Posted:I've only used the HOP contact staff, and I love it. I love the grip over any staff I've used. I have yet to have an issue with any bending, and I drop it all the time on concrete, stone etc. Hope this helps!