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Posted:Hey i have been spinning for a little bit now, and love fire spinning. I really want to get my own set, but am lost with all the choices. I tried to have my friend explain the differences but that didnt help. Anyone out there with an opinion on fire poi sets?

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Posted:Really it depends on what you want and what feels comfortable. Think about the individual components and pick what you think is best, if possible building your own set.

Some things to keep in mind:
Handle: Single or Double loop? Nylon or Leather?
Chain: Ball or twist or something else, personally I love twisted link but that's just me
---also for your chain section don't forget about swivels, they are amazing and really just make the poi so much nicer
Head: Comes down to what you want. Are you going to make it, or buy it? Standard cathedrals work, not as fancy as some other stuff but they get the job done. You can also have a monkey fist, big flame but no exposed metal or you can do what I've learned to do, get kevlar rope and make a simple box or circle lanyard, weaving a triangle ring into the last few stitches to attach to your chain.

Hope that helps, lemme know if it doesn't.

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Posted:Isis for the win! I love them with a passion as well as the chain they use, it's so light it's like it's not even there.

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Posted:i love Fire Mecca's Moon Blaze wicks. HUGE flames, great burn time, durable. they're just really well made.

if you're looking for a complete set, i would recommend getting Fire Mecca's Moon Blaze wicks with Home of Poi's Pro Series Chain with single or double loop handles (depending on which you prefer).

if you want to build your own, i would recommend the 2mm twist link chain at Fire Mecca. the split-rings they sell at Fire Mecca are okay, but they are a bit large for my taste. if you live near a deep-sea fishing store (such as Bass Pro Shops), i would recommend getting split-rings from there. just make sure they are designed to hold at least 100 lbs or so.

if you are on a budget AND don't want to build your own, Fire Mecca's Cathedral fire poi sets are good bang for the buck.

oh, and about chains. i prefer 2mm twist link chain with just one swivel at the handle end. having a swivel on the head end is pointless and makes the tether less predictable and responsive. same with quick links.