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Posted:Well I already made a topic but I cant seem to find it now. Only thing I find is stuff from 05. This forum stuff confuses the hell out of me. I prefer to spend my time spinning. But hey just looking for people to spin with. I have a really shitty video on youtube. Not really any indication of where Im at now. Lol all I did was the weave and got scared of doin a buzzsaw cause I hadnt done fire and long ass handles.

if that doesnt work just search "max65810" if you want to see it.
Been spinning in the square lately and just got a set of flowtoys. Since Im on a limited budget and bought rechargeable batteries been spinning those more then anything.
If you want a bio then here it is.
22 yrs old, Army vet, saw poi first time at camp zoe in june it seemed to be stuck in my mind and july fourth weekend I took some extra socks and started playing with them. I used to be into video games allot, now all I do is spin. I feel like I have picked it up really fast. Somewhere in the mix of skateboarding, saxophone, 4 yrs marching band, guitar, and music. I need some friends so they can video me. And damn doing it alone sucks.
Im prob not gonna be on the forums much. but I will be spinning and always looking for someone else to spin with me.

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Posted:Hey Max
Nice to meet you,
I know I am a bit away from you but, up here in Peoria and bloomington IL there are quite a few of us the play with poi, staff, juggling, poi and more, if your ever in the area give me a call