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Before I start this I would like to say that if there is something like this already I do apologise, I did search numerous times and came to no luck.

I'm having problems with plane control on the wall plane(?), basically the one infront of you. When I try spinning my poi on this plane they seem to want to spin in a diagonal motion rather than a flat motion if that makes sense kinda half-way between flat infront and flat by the side.

Are there any plane control excercises, so to speak, that I could use to help control my planes more, so things I could do whilst practicing to help me control them.

Kindest regards to all help/ideas provided smile

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Try it against a wall for a bit. Also, practice moving that spin anywhere you want to.

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Now here's an oldie!

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Seconding the link to Nick Woolsey for plane control. I've found his exercises really valuable.


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Cheers guys, shall get cracking on my wall plane control tonight if I get a few minutes smile

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