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Posted:I was wondering whether being artistic is more likely to get you into spinning poi.

In my own experience I use to do a lot of singing, dancing and acting in my youth for shows around the UK. When I moved to London I lost all my links with the groups I used to be with so I decided to look for another hobby which would help me make friends and allow me to express myself artistically. For some random reason I ended up deciding that I would like to try and learn how to fire perform.

I know many people who spin poi that are fantastic artists or have been involved with performance in some description.

I would like to know if you guys have any other artistic hobbies and would also like to know what you think about the link between "The Arts" and "Poi"

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Posted:nnngggaaarrrrhhhh! (cry of anguish)
i just caught myself practicing an imaginary 5 bt reverse weave while standing on a train - i almost thwacked a old lady in the head with my elbow.....

i must be finally cracking up

artistic or crazy... surely both are related!! all artsy friends of mine are a bit crazy.... or maybe eccentric is a better word.

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