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One of my current projects is to create a fire contact ball. As far as the design that's fairly easy. K1 Adhesive Kevlar Over Aluminum Tape Over A Wodden Ball.

The problems are construction, durability, and a ton of mathematics.

I have noted after looking over the Adhesive kevlar that you can't use any lamp oil and that your stuck using coleman. It doesn't specify if Isopropyl alcohol will or will not dissolve the adhesive the only way to find out is "trial and error". Which isn't the end of the world it would just mean using a kevlar thread to sew the ball shut. (I would obviously prefer not to have this problem but hey pickers can't be choosers))

The foil tape is light and thing enough that it won't impede a three or four inch ball's movement but kevlar is a different story, its thick enough that it would change the feel of "traditional contact juggling" but if it the kevlar couldn't over lap and their couldn't be any non-kevlar coated spaces, because that would upset the balance.

The mathematics are fairly easy, the problem is the calculus and the neccesity of using a computer program to trace out the patterns, since the kevlar would have to be assembled in a "orange" peel shape ((That would be the easiest pattern or using a soccer ball motif with hexagons, but I am unsure mathematicly if their would be any over lap)). Does any know of you programs or applications that would be able to assist me in creating "pattern" to cut the kevlar with.

((All the pertinent math is known which is width of kevlar stripes, surface area of ball, circumfrance of ball, and diameter of ball))

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I know someone with a fire contact juggling ball. Next time I see him I'll ask about it.

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check out the 80mm fyrefli balls i've seen them used for contact before

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