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Posted:Good evening,

just stumbled upon those ones and please let me know if it has been posted before.
One video of a performance and the other one showing how to actually learn firedancing ... ahhh, brings up good old memories smile
Hope you enjoy !!!
Talking about simulations, does anyone know what happened to Matt's Poibot?!?

all the best


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Posted:All that left is here:,44
Also the flash version is floating on the net..erm:
Since Matt is out "of the circle" working in IT,
there is no more Spherc, the site is down.




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Posted:ahhh the Sims 2 smile While the Sims 3 is far more refined, the Sims 2 just has so much more to offer. Not only in expansions packs, but in uniqueness. Where are my zombies?? My aliens?? Pregnant men and plant sims??? I want my werewolves and vampires back!!


The second clip is miserable quality. And the person cheats (note the random standing baby at the final step -- it's the Sim Modder which you can only get by cheating).

Amusing nonetheless grin I kind of want to play the game now... Give me Sims 3 quality with Sims 2 capabilities and I'll be quite content.

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Posted:That is bad ass.

I wonder who programed in a snes.