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Forums > Social Chat > highly contraversial post about newbies.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
15,414 posts
Location: United Kingdom


i have to get something off my chest that has...to be TOTALLY honest...been pissing me off..

its about new people...

...now...how can i put this..

about how EVERY SINGLE NEWBIE (in the non derogatory sense) feels obliged to post about their first fire spin.

i can remember being new (a long time ago compared to today) but i didnt post saying someting like

"i span fire for the first time today! yesss!" etc..

im sorry...but its been pissing me off....yes we all know about how amazing spinning fire for the VERY first time is...i still practically cum in my pants when i spin to be honest. I love it.

but do we REALLY need the posts about how yet again, ANOHTER person has spun for the first time. I know this is very contraversial...but this is how i feel.

and another thing ( not having a go at anyone...or anything)

in intros...in bold goddam letters for f*cks sake, does it, or does it not say.. "....witht he title being you name"...and how many people have put random stuff? like: "hello from..." or "my name is....." or "new poi" etc.

im sorry...but this is seriously getting on my tits.

i dont know if its the fact that i have had a bit to drink...but i have had these feelings whilst sober...

i know some of you wont agree with my views but i dont particularly give a flying shit. im sorry but i dont.

and another POInt that Chris form UCOF raised...about hippies and "tripping out and spinning some poi man.."

that annoys the both of us.

i sorry..

but its off my chest now

im all in favour of new poeple joining HOP nad learning spinning cos, to be blunt, its f*cking cool and i love it.

so my message is this...

BRING ON THE NEW PEOPLE, but do we REALLY need so many "i had my first spin last night" threads.

i dont give a shit if you delete this thread...but this IS how im feeling.

sorry..but its true.

genuine and and if you want to all the new people joining us every day.

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