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Posted:So, I want to buy a pair of Ogg poi from either Trick Concepts or Flowtoys but I really can't decide which I want. I realize flowtoys is a respectable company, but it seems like the others design seems a bit better. I'm pretty new to spinning and looking for something more comfortable to learn so here's the choices...

Trick Concepts :
Trick Concepts Oggz Pair

They look pretty well designed, but not sure if that extra attachment attaching the ogg to the chord is going to get in the way of wraps or anything of that sort. So if anyone know if this design has an advantage or disadvantage over the other, input would be loved :]

Flowtoys :
Flowtoys Oggs Poi

Comes from a respected company, looks nice & a lot of people use them but complain about the led flying out or the charger getting damaged?

Anyone who's tried any of these and if there's any comparable difference with the 2 designs, will appreciate the advice. Thanks again.

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Posted:Sean here, from flowtoys smile
obviously my opinion on this matter should be suspect, but I try to be as balanced as I can!

Trick Concepts is a great company and good friends of ours and I can tell you their oggpoi are definitely more durable than ours. Jaz is a great engineer and came up with a really durable design.
I still personally prefer our oggpoi for 4 reasons:
1. the weighting is nicer with the heavy side of the ogg on the end of your poi, though some people may not notice the difference.
2. the shape/aesthetic looks nicer to me with the fat side at the end and no black cord.
3. I prefer our leashes and handles.
4. our lifetime warranty and cheap replacements/spare units means you can have an extra one or two ready in case of breakage and enjoy them as mood-lighting in the mean time!

that said, they will all eventually have trouble charging due to the design of the oggz themselves, and none are as durable as our crystal poi of flowpoi! but of course they look different...

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Posted:buy crystal poi! not ogggz!

Tam tam tam cheketitamtam, ketumpantam, ketumpan kete kete kete, tam tam tam ketumpanketey!


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