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Hi ive recently made myself a Fire Staff.
I used wooden dowel so the screws had something to bite.
My issue is after a weekend of burning the dowell is burning away.
Any solutions to this? I was thinking soak in water...
Or do I just have to keep replacing the dowell?


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Icarus Forde
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You could try putting some epoxy into the tips of the staff, that would cover it up... Make sure the epoxy is fireproof though, and not just flammable. tongue2

Sister Eleven
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If you're using wood, i see no way out of replacing it periodically. It's probably worth looking for some metal solution, though I don't know a good way off hand that doesn't involve some welding...


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Generally you want to use a hardwood dowel. And try to avoid pine or the it burning AWAY or just burning?

Also are you talking about inside an aluminum tube or just a wooden dowel as yer staff shaft?

If just a wooden dowel you need to put some metal sheets under the wick and about 2-3 inches lower then the wick.

If its inside a metal tube you should be fine. the wood may start to cup a little bit but it's no biggie.


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Its inside a metal tube, the issue is it is quite literally burning away, it gets smaller and smaller every burn. Hard wood idea sounds smart, thanks

@Icarus Forde
Sounds like a smart idea the issue is that makes kevlar wicks hard to replace.... thanks for your reply

Whats in other peoples staffs/poi? my mates looks like it has more Kevlar inside the pole....

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liquidtrancei dream in circles...
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i got an injection of fibre glass into mine with an epoxy over the ends, virtually indestructible smile

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MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Very cheap solution.

Take your wick off. Put new dowel in.

Get an aluminum drink can, cut it up. Length 100mm x width(pole diameter + 10mm). Make 2 strips.

Fold a strip over each end of the pole, flatten against sides and make sure no sharp edges showing past the end of the pole, then put a screw into it to hold in place through the end.

Screw your wick back on.

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and this is why you are the HOP guru malcolm love ya work

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