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Posted:Not sure if this is the right place to post it, so if it's wrong, please move it to the appropriate section.

Well last night I ordered some crystal cases and I logged out of the site afterwards, then I went to go back on to show my friend I ordered the cases for him, but it said there was no account registered with my email.

I had ordered Flowlights about 2 weeks ago just fine and was able to log back in afterwards, but not this time.

Was it because I used different info for the 2nd order? I set the order to go to his house instead of mine, and I put his email address for the order instead of mine since it's going to him.

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Posted:The owner of an account is the owner of the email address.

You will need to login using your friends email with your same password.
Then edit your account details here to change back to your email address.

You could then keep your friend updated on the status of the order you helped them to make.

Helping others making an order.

We do try to make using the shop as easy as possible.

Get you friend to create a new account when checking out. Keep an eye over them and help if necessary.

If you see our live help dragon then you can click that to get help too. We can guide you through step by step.

If you help someone I recommend you enter your referral code so you can get something for your assistance hug .

I hope that helps you and any others in the future.

Contact us directly

Kindest regards


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