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Posted:I was working on my throws yesterday, and it occurred to me that one could theoretically juggle three poi.

in a three beat weave with two poi, the right poi is thrown as the left poi is passed to the right hand.

So with a little coordinated teamwork, a friend could possibly throw another poi into the mix. It's not very practical, but interesting.

Any thoughts?

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Posted:Kind of like

at 1:32 - 1:40ish


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Posted:A reverse butterfly works, you do reverse butterfly giants and throw from under your arm straight up and catch it in the other hand as it is coming around.
A shower also works Hip mills can work but are really hard and a windmill juggling pattern, like one side of a weave, works well.

BUT these are all really hard because of the floppyness of the poi... oh also the windmill poi move above the head can work well.
The most sucess i have had with any of these is only like 6 catches tho and mostly i can only get 3... guesss i have to work on it more

might make a little movie of the ideas to share