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Forums > Help! > handles covered in fuel... please help!

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Posted:I was at a party on the weekend and a big group of us were fire spinning, i absent mindedly put my poi down to have a play with another toy and some fuckwitt picked them up and dropped them in the fuel bucket, chains and handles included. i am super mega pissed off!

please does anyone know how to get fuel off of the handles, chain, swivels etc so they are safe to spin with again? will it just evaporate off or can i wash it out? i have oval link chains with pro series handles.


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Posted:erm it depends what fuel it was, if it was alcohol based or white gas it should evaporate straight off. letting it evaporate off will dry the handles out though. if it was kero or tiki oil it may need washing out, not sure what youd use but a detergent should do it.

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Posted:pegasol... solvent 3440 special.
ummm its a nicer more refined version of kero me thinks


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Posted:Use a workshop detergent, but be aware that it could be detrimental to your grips. If you're interested in taking the safish road, get some soap on a moist cloth and gently sponge it out.... or if you want to have some fun with the chain, you could just hold a lighter to it and it'll come right off the chain. smile


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Posted:I take my chains off my wick and run some hot water with mild, all natural dish detergent (Seventh Generation is what it's called) in the sink and soak it for about 5 minutes. Then I scrub/swish it around shortly and rinse. This is what I do regularly after burns, but it has worked when I've gotten K-1 on my handles before.

Even though it's a gentle solution, it's effective plus hasn't harmed anything. If handles are leather, I'd recommend following it with some saddle soap to put the moisture back into it and let it dry. Mine aren't leather, but I've cleaned many a saddle and it's not a bad idea.

Edit: I have the pro-series chains too and my first paragraph works great on those handles especially, just make sure to rinse them well out of the handles and wrap/squeeze with a clean towel then let air dry. You should be good to go! smile

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Posted:^^ agree with eom, hot soapy water will do the trick, keep at it until water no longer beads on the handles and they soak up water like they shoul, then keep going a bit more to be sure. as for the chains i wouldn't worry, what doesn't evaporate in a day ain't worth worrying about.

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Posted:FOr the chains you can just take a paper towel and run it up and down the chain until it's clean

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Posted:this worked wonders thanks guys!!!




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Posted:and please take extreme caution when "washing kerosene off your toys" as it may actually poison the area...

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