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Back on after a rather long haitus, after almost a year of practice I finally got to light up (twice!) last night for a July 5th party (as did Clymeney actually). Took a couple of hours to get up the gumption to actually light up but once I did that was definately one of the cooler things I have ever experienced. I am totally hooked. *grins*

Got two very tiny burns on my arm but I didnt even notice them until about 7 hours later. I figure the scars (if they even stay) will be a neat reminder.

Hoping to get more from my friend but for now here's one pic of my first burn

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Cool pic.

Make sure you put vitamin E oil on the burn every day. It will help it heal, and helps avoid scarring.

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cooooooolllllll hein !?!
and from now on ... all the beautiful things become "shiny beautiful" ...

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