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Posted:Ok, who lost the Pele? Anyone seen the Pele around?

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I am currently crossing every part of my body so that pele can come meet up with me in New york this month ... and i beleive she is around ... i can feel her shine

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Posted:Keeps his eyes Pele'd for Pele

----<miss you>---

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Posted:i miss pele, i havnt had a chat in weeks, not since she moved anyway.

sending her way what ever she is up to.


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Posted:come out, come out, wherever you are



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Posted:I even saw her on here earlier...




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Posted:*Wanders around looking under rocks....*
Oh where oh where has Pele gone? Oh where oh where could she be?

oh well maybe she just knocked herslef out practicing a new poi move.

*Ducks as Pele takes a swing at me*

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Posted:Hi all!

LOL.... Frost, that is usually not far from the truth I have to say! lol

Actually, after nearly a year of being homeless it is taking awhile to get all my stuff back from the many places it was being stored. Mixed with performance and rehearsals and the wedding I am a bridesmaid in, we are still trying settling in to the new place so I don't have as much time as I used to.

My laptop is not hooked to the internet yet, and that is where all my chat programs are PK. I miss chatting with you too, quite a bit actually!

Lightning, I will call you back on Sat.

Cass, I will be figuring out details, but sadly it doesn't look promising...can you come up here for a day? We have the lovely, foamy Niagara Falls. Besides, NYC has said numerous times he would visit this side of the state but alas *le sigh*...he never does.

Charles, Ade and guys are sweet and make me laugh. And soon I will be back bugging the hell out of all of you. I even have something to mail to you Charles (can you email me an addy?) and some really cool sideshow things to share with you Ade.

I do flit about in here on one of PWB's computers but it isn't the same as having mine so I tend to come in and out of social.

Thanks for being concerned and missing me. It makes me feel really good on these hectic weeks to know that!

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