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Posted:I am starting to feel confident enough in my spinning now that I think I am ready to start performing. I have got in touch with a few small festivals and clubs about possibly performing, but I know no one will touch a fire spinner without insurance.

I have absolutley no idea about this kinda thing, so could someone please tell me what insurance I would need to get to be covered for fire performance. Also can anyone recomend me any insurers who offer the best cover or reasonable prices.

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Posted:the standard thing seems to be to get insurance through equity with first act insurance

I think someone called something like towergate also do insurance

there is another thread or two around here on the subject - possibly in the help! section...

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Posted:i use reesastley, i get a no claims discount as well cos I've been with them a few years so it's a quite acceptable figure

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Posted:if you want to perform for councils it will be about 285 for 5 million public liability for fire heat and spark.

You can get 2 Million but we had some gigs that required the 5M so upgraded and stayed with it.

I used Rees Astley last Year

Towergate insurance only runs from 1st september to 1st of september so could be wasted buying now as it will expore in a couple of months

With Equity you need to get your policy amended, as the safety requirements, if not followed will invalidate your insurance and they require you to keep all props shut in a metal box when not in use (which is quite tricky for a 5ft fire staff). Check out the facebook group petitioning Equity to rewrite their policy.

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