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Posted:Though this is a small achievement to many of Hop members,I did my first fire poi last night.(after 5 days of doing poi,was with a good teacher though) Absolutley shit myself, but it doesn't hurt, even when they entangled aroud my arm.

Though through panic and the burning sensation I expected but did not recieve, I chucked the poi on the floor, at which point I most probably looked like a fool.

Anyway this have given me even more enthusiasm for the art of poi, something I wasn't short of anyway. Heres to learning more tricks.


Mistress Aurora
Mistress Aurora

Hot Schtuff
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Posted:Congrats on your first burn!
Glad you weren't burnt too badly when the poi got tangled on your arm.
Here's to many more burns!

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Posted:i had my first burn about 3 weeks ago with dirty beaner...the rush was so intense, and automatically i was hooked . i had been doing glowsticks for a while but fire is just a whole other thing. now i burn as often as possible.
Burn on!

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Posted:Yay, come to the Nova Scotia poi gathering (fire_raver420).

Magical Sock Dancer
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Posted:Does the gathering in Nova Scotia have anything too do with the buskers?

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Posted:I did my first fire staff the on the 3rd. Best time of my life........and I only got my leg once....shocked the hell out of me
anywho......glad you had fun
and to more burns

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Monkey Wrangler
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Posted:No, it doesn't. You can come then too though. I'll be there, and Ash Circle will be performing.

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Posted:ballsrburning, fire_raver420 and edan, props to yoo guys! thats fan freakin tastic news! A memory that will hopefully last your lifetimes and fuel your excitement to come!
keep on spinning say I!

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