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All right, it's continual wheel plane bolo hybrid from isolation weave.

There are some crossed and uncrossed variations also some transitions
between leading isolation hand and they are routines not inserted. I will
investigate this area deeper and see what I can find out.


ps: Suggestions, hints or tips appreciated.. this can grow up into
advanced hybrid thread, we'll see.

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All right, so I've found hybrid (bolo) Figure 8. That is much simplier weave variation,
using hybrid technique. Allowing easier implementation into complex patters.

There are mostly wall plane static figures floating around, but I'm interested now
in wheel plene opposite direction hybrids and over all hybrid turning.

More to come.


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All rgiht, forget the previos statements,cause all I've found
is hybrid weave and hybrid 4 beat weave with 2 degree
cross at one side.

Hybrid figure 8 seems to be v ery hard because os synchro-
nising izolation and spin with single center, thus figure
8 is "very fast".

So I've left a weave for a while and concentrate on buttefly.
Now I'm finding which 'spin'speed procuce which pattern on
the top of isolation and how to compose a move ftom that.

all for now,


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All right!

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I'm fond of the 2-beat hybrid weaves. My ways of moving around with a split-time bolo (that means "both long" right?) are:

-2 beat weave, where extended arm does the crossing over
-turn to other side, keeping the same poi isolated
-turn to other side, changing which poi is isolated

I feel like this gives me a decent amount of freedom. I'm sure doing higher-beated stuff is possible I just haven't been inclined to figure it out yet.

Good luck in your endeavor!

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