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Right, got my newest poi pics up so i thought i'd post up nthe best of them here. I really like getting photos done with light or fire poi as it definately helps me study plane control and positions amongst other things more than just being for show.

Anyway, here's my best: (some flowers are anti-spin but I can't remember which)

3-petal flower:


4-petal flower:


5-petal flower:


6-petal flower:


The Wiggle: (as it's commonly known amongst my troope, is actually a hip reel in one hand while doing doing a shoulder reel in the other and then reversed)


I've posted them as links rather than having the images appear on here as they are larger than desktop wallpaper size and would stretch the forum (except the 3-petal which was taken a few days previous and got cropped before I uploaded).

All photos taken by my girlfriend who is studying Photography and Light Painting at Uni using a Nikon D3000 SLR camera.