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LyeFate Keeps Telling Me To Stop
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Has anyone else had this happen? Noting that it's a phenomenon and I don't get it. Sometimes you soak your poi, light them, they're on fire and the suddenly go out.

You can then light them as normal an spin the burn. I don't get it. Both of them too. What gives?

liquidtrancei dream in circles...
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the main cause i find is if they havn't built up enough heat, particularly if it's a cold night. They can appear as if they are burning well when stationary but the temperature hasn't risen enough to ensure that enough fuel is vaporising to sustain the fire once it's moving. I usually start off with slower movements, pendulums etc to minimise the risk of this, with time it's easier to tell when the fire is intense enough to survive upping the tempo

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SpinnerofDetroitGOLD Member
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This has happened to me once, it confused everybody. We were all just like wtf just happened?! And at that time I had had a little white gas in the mix, not a lot though just making easier to light. I had spun them for about 5 seconds and the just went snuff. I like that word too, snuff, it's very accurate and puts a smile on my face smile cause it sounds funny.
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astonSILVER Member
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And here I was thinking this would be about the random appearance of tobacco....

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JaredWSILVER Member
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Originally Posted By: astonAnd here I was thinking this would be about the random appearance of tobacco....

That usually happens to me when I clean out my truck, found a full pack last time laugh3

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teaches you to fire them up prior to a (paid) gig when outside temperature is low... wink

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