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Kinda last minute, haven't had internet at home for a few days.
Anyways, free party in the park. Kid and family friendly. Here's all the details from JP:

Free Park Party in Fort Worth this Friday, Rain or Shine.

Friends With Headphones and War On Boredom brings you an evening in the park with dancing under the trees and music!

K.I.S.S. is a small gathering of select hippies and electronic dance music lovers at Trinity Park in Fort Worth. From downtown, cross the Trinity River on the Seventh Street Bridge and take an immediate left to go to the park.

Birthdays will be celebrated. Easter eggs may be hunted if you like. This is kid and family friendly. Bring cardboard for kids to slide down the hill. Bring a picnic lunch. You have been stuck inside all winter. Get outdoors in the park Friday night and celebrate life!

Music will be by the ususal folks at these things. Celebrate with us!
jordo leaper
james prichard
shelby hoyl

2300 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107


Bring the kids. Tell the folks. Call your cousin. Bring your girlfriend. Bring your wife. Bring your friend. Bring your friend's wife.

Yes the picture of the turntable is a specially decorated birthday cake. A few pics from March of last year are up as links. There will be dancing under the trees in the soft spring and hippies of all ages. Don't miss this. Really.
We extend a personal invitation to you and your guests. Please do invite friends and bring folks with you. An evening in the park with dancing and music is what you do want.