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Hey everybody:

I am sitting at home making a pair of fire poi as a "kill what little spare time I have" project. i need to order some components from here though, cuz i thought i could get everything at a Wally-world/Hardware store. poo...

So far i have...
2 dog chains cut to 14 inches each
4 quick links
4 hex nuts
4 washers
2 eye bolts

now all i need for it is...
4 swivels
2 handles

anyway i have a friend of mine who is a fellow performer and poi spinner. He says he uses whats known as "welders cloth" and that it lasts longer and works better than Kevlar. its a little more expensive but he says you save more over time. I was curious has anyone else used this or even heard of this? If so what are your thoughts?

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Welding blankets are often made of fibreglass, sometimes neoprene coated. That could be what he is referring to, since fibreglass has better thermal and fire properties than kevlar. It's not as strong, though.

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be careful with your dog chain, most twist oval (dog) chain is NOT welded & could fail with heat&force, the stuff from HOP is though so it's really strong smile
also 2 swivels should be plenty, a set attached to the handles is enough, swivels at the head of the poi is only really useful for high drag poi types eg tails

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i will keep that in mind about the chain. at least if it falls apart on me i will know where to go to get some better ones.

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Probably better not to take the chance of it falling apart to be honest....

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^^^agreed You don't want a flaming ball of fire to go flying god knows where.

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