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I received this eMail - unfortunately I'm no-where near this event at this time... Maybe you are

We are looking for professional fire troupes and individuals to perform on the evenings of Friday May 7th and Saturday May 8th for the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, California near Sacramento. We will have multiple fire stages and will provide fire safety, fire permits, fuel, a sound system and drummers and can offer some assistance with food, transportation costs and lodging. We are also interested in showcasing fire art. If you are interested please respond with the following information. Please forward this on to others that may be interested.


Name of Group:
Number of performers:
Brief description of performance:
Length of performance (including costume and music changes, etc):
Do you require any special equipment or circumstances necessary for your performance? (CD player, chairs, microphones, etc.) :
If you are interested in holding a fire related workshop and/or class during the day please give a brief description:

Contact Information
Name of contact person:
Phone number:
Website (if applicable):
Best method, day, and time to reach:

The fire stages are available for performance at the following times:

Friday May 7: (8:00pm-10pm)
Saturday May 8: (8:00pm-10pm)

(We are working on getting a permit to perform past 10pm.)

Are there any days/times you CANNOT perform? :

Would you like to perform more than once, if possible?:
What other events have you performed at?

We also request that you send us a press packet, recent photo, and a 2-3 minute video of the group.

Ideally we would like to have everyone perform, but there is only so much time and space. Selected performers will be chosen by April 7th. Each performer will be contacted either by phone or by email. Thank you for your support of the festival.

Whole Earth Festival Web site:

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