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Posted:i live in berkeley and have been spinning Poi for 2 years. all self taught...i was spinning Poi before i knew what Poi was. i've only seen one other person spin fire...about 2 weeks ago at ocean beach. drop me a line.

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Posted:hey hey..

try the yahoo FireSpinning group...
tht's a good forum for bay area spinners, and has a really good calander
-- jon

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Posted:Okay, not to be rude, but where have you been?

There are so many Fire Spinning groups in the Bay Area that it can be overwhelming. In order to consolidate the gazillion email lists, my friend Roger (aka Orbit) created an online CALENDAR of EVENTS, not an email list.

You can sign up for the list by sending an email to or at

If you want to cruise to Santa Cruz, Sunday nights at the Lighthouse (West Cliff Dr.)

Monday nights, Silicon Valley Fire Play hosted by the Director of the BM airport at her house.

Temple of Poi Saturday workshops and various fundraising spin events in Golden Gate Park...

Just to name a few!

Hope to see you around

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