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Forums > Videos > VLOG 005 Meg and Keith

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mcpPLATINUM Member
Flying Water Muppet
5,276 posts
Location: Edin-borrow., United Kingdom


Boom, the keith a tron with the pois.

"the now legendary" - Kaskade
"the still legendary" - Kaskade

I spunked in my friend's aquarium and the fish ate it. I love all fish. Especially the pink ones. They are my bitches. - Anon.

liquidtrancei dream in circles...
336 posts
Location: Scotland

love it:) now I know why kieth was talking about btb crossers the other day. love you 1.5 tech btw mcp, makes my brain feel like squishy jellyfish on a roundabout:)

even chuck norris can't pin you down if your on fire

21 posts

Holy censored! Amazing! shocked

_Clare_BRONZE Member
Still wiggling
5,967 posts
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)


You two rock... looking forward to seeing you soon Megatroid

Getting to the other side smile

pascalhopGOLD Member
23 posts
Location: france

very good technical and visual video, thanks a lot!
very pleased to see more and more poifish in videos, i love this trick!

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