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Hi All,

You may (or may not) have noticed my general absence from these (and several other) online communites over the last 18 months. This is (in quite a big way) down to a project that I am a director of that runs "Chorlton's Big Green Festival" in Chorlton, Manchester, UK.

The festival is a free event that promotes local community groups, sustainability, and eco issues in a fun way for people of all backgrounds and ages. Our website is

We are all volunteers and any money that we make is put back into local community and eco projects.

We have been nominated for a Future Friendly Award! Firstly we are very excited to even be nominated but, we could really do with the funding that winning would bring us.

If you have a few spare moments please follow this link and watch our video...
If you'd really like to help us then please vote for us. (If you click the box you will recieve no spam from the organisers of the awards)

If you live anywhere near Manchester UK, our festival is on the 27th of March and we'd love to see you there! (There will be spinny and hoopy workshops in addition to all the other fun stuff).



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Hey Seye - have we met? Kate and I lived in Chorlton and went to the Uni Juggle club and did fire on the ees and stuff around 2002-2003? do you know bobrob, heather, Biggins, n that lot?

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I think we must have missed each other by a couple of years. I moved to Manchester about 5 years ago. Are bobrob, heather & biggins might be mates with nigel, hairy and the other manc juggling convention guys? The names sound familiar.

What brought you to Manchester anyway?

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my cousins stay in manchester, next time I'm down I'll need to give your a shout devil weavesmiley devil

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thanks for the post...

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