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SpunOut 2010
23rd to 26th, April
(Anzac Day Long Weekend)

for all the details.

Register here:

Pay here:

SpunOut is back for the 6th year in a row and promises to be even better than the last!

SpunOut is the Perth Fire Group's annual fire and circus skills workshop weekend. The event is open to anyone wanting to have a go at fire and circus arts and caters to all levels of skill, from beginners to professional performers.

Workshops will be held in all levels of poi, staff and twin staff as well as fire eating, hula-hooping, stilt-walking, uni-cycling, ball and club juggling, contact juggling and much, much more.

The chillout space and all its activities will be back in 2010, Saturday night will see the return of the hugely popular Fire Show and Sunday night will get you jumpin' with some thumpin' tunes into the wee hours to round off the weekend!

Cancel everything else...this is the place to be, Anzac Day Long Weekend, 2010


Tickets are on sale now and available to buy online using your Mastercard or Visa card, direct bank deposit (online or at a branch) or by posting a cheque or money order. Simply visit

Early-bird tickets are available until Easter Long Weekend, Thursday, 1st April.

All tickets are pre-sale only. NO TICKETS AT THE GATE!

All prices are inclusive of accommodation, meals, workshops and fire fuel.

Tell all your friends and GET YOUR TICKETS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!

See ya there! heart

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Ask anyone who has been before - this is the MUST NOT MISS event of the year. Head on over to and see past pics, a video from 2008, a wrap-up of the weekend, and then sign up.

Except those years I go skiing, this is THE best thing on the calendar. And even then it's a close call.

Gooses cooking alone is worth the ticket price.

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Garrrrh and i'm already signed up to go to RE>Gen in Sydney.

Next year, gadget :-) hug


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not gonna miss out on this, been trying to meet up with others from the perth fire scene ^__^

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Awesome!... just got here from Melbourne, so look forward to spinning out with you all! smile

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I was determined to make a pair of poi similar. I purchased some 80mm contact balls, some 8mm rope, and I emailed Ronan. Ronan told me he drilled a hole in one side and made a slit in the other side of the ball. The rope was threaded through and a knot was pulled into the ball via the slit. He also told me of other people drilling a larger hole and simply pushing a knot through.

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