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King Of Bongoaddict
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Location: Berlin

Here's how it goes- met up w people to spin in bris, minding my own business in my own little world, twirling a staff in the random daze I usually do...


thwack . Massive random drunk ######### (person) rugby tackles me, lifts me up and thumps me to the ground- thud! grabs the staff and tries to run off . Me=completely bewildered until I saw him run off with the staff. Ran after him with psi and my flatmate in swift pursuit, jumped on him (couldnt really pin the fat b#####d) grabbed the staff back, and then not really knowing what to do, just let him run off...

Looking back on it (with a very sore left buttcheek) I still don't know what to make of it. What a w#nkr , but how funny is that?!

Wondering if anyone has had anything equally if not more random happen to them...

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Aurora (1/2 a firesister)GOLD Member
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Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto

That's so weird....and extremly funny in it's wierdness.

Last night when I was spinning some crazy person was kind of like worshipping the fire as I was spinning. They got super close to me..way to close for comfort so I ran away from them. Honestly he came soooo close to being hit...

mah well that's as crazy as it far


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KajiQuantum Theorist
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Location: Vansterdam

Just mainly drunk teenagers being stupid when I'm spinning. Yes you look so cool stumbling around in the park in the middle of the night with a 40 of malt liquor in a brown paper bag. Just like a street bum

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DentrassiGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

i concur, most of my probs are with adolescents with too much testosterone and ethanol fueling their egos.
one of the most curious instances was when i was twirling by myself in a park near home, and this small white terrier trotted up, and sat down about 2 meters away. it looked completely at ease. it watched me twirl for about 20mins, hardly moving until i looked next and it had gone...
not quite as exciting as being crash tackled, but wierd nevertheless.

how is your left butt cheek healing??

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My cat digs watching me twirl. After a while he'll get bored and just walk right under me and rub up against my leg as I'm spinning. He doesn't understand that cathedral whicks, even unlit ones, could really hurt him. I just do a windmill until he wanders off, all told I don't mind, he's a good audiance, better than most people.

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Tai... grrrrrmember
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Location: a dry dusty type of hell i don't quite understand ...

Excelent story. I must admit that the drunks are fun to watch... from afar. I've only been spinning about 3 months, but about 3 weeks ago a grackle apparently thought i was too close to it's nest, and possibly a threat. It swoops down at me from behind just passes my left shoulder while i'm in a 3 beat weave and gets smacked down right in front of me. I didn't even hear it coming as i was wearing headphones. I was startled, scared, and delerious with laughter. The bird just hit the ground and took off again. As i was just using bean bags, i assume it's alright.

bless those bombarding birdies

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Location: Sydney Australia

I had a bit of a freaky moment this Saturday night just gone, it happened in just a moment but seemed to be in slow motion.....

.....I was spinning beamers in my house, (yes, I know, not the smartest thing to be doing in the first place,) but it was in a big room with cathredal ceilings & open beams, we had pretty coloured lights & a big mirror ball hanging up, music was on, it was just luscious. I was dancing around, slowly doing high & low turns & chasing the sun, when it happened. One of my custom made leather grips, they are usually the most secure beautiful grips I have ever used, slid off my fingers & a beamer headed straight in to the centre of our not very old large screen tv screen! Like I said, it only actually happened in a second but it seemed like an eternity, that gap in time my beamer was flying free through the air. I dropped straight to my knees, visions of a shattering about to happen, when the poi bouced off the tv & landed on the floor in front of me! My husband just about had a heart attack & I have rarely felt relief like I did when I saw the screen wobble & the beamer thump to the floor! To say I would not have been popular with my hubby & kids had the unthinkable happened would be an understatement.

I can cackle about it now though!!!!

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Location: Mpls, MN, USA

eeekk not the tv!! Reminds me of the time when I accidently shot down a dome glass cieling fixture with a nurf gone. that moment lasted two lifetimes, the cleanup took seconds, and my dad noticed it instantly. Amazing to hear your precious tv survived, strong one it is

Oh, crap, that reminds me of my $100 poi related university housing bill I have yet to pay, kind of messed one wall in my dorm room last year

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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Location: Melbourne, Australia

hey king of bongo, maybe you should stop wearing skimpy skirts next time you go twirling!!
heh funny story too!
my random input is that once a spit of lit fuel from my staff flew stright into the narrow gap of my open bag's zip and lit the contents.. from the inside! by the time i noticed, the innards were hot enuff for brekky
lesson i guess is to shake off, but i'm too impatient to follow it! may a lobotomy is in order...

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ben-ja-menGOLD Member
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Location: Adelaide, Australia

i dont have any drunk tackeling stories the most bizare thing i have had happen it to be twirling in the street and have a blackout occur while i was twirling.

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