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Posted:During my travels over the past couple of years time and time again I have come accross groups of jugglers who meet on a regular basis for general practice and just to meet up with like minded people for abit of a laugh. Each time I go to one of these events it reminds me that High Wycombe is lacking in this department, I remember that we used to have a few people down the Rye every now and then but those days now seem long gone and considering the size or the town and the amount of people that live there it must be possible to rally together enough people to form some kind of active group that can organise somthing like a weekly or fortnightly event.

So far I have sent out messages to everyone I know of that does, used to or possibly might know of any spinners. This post is just another attempt at getting in touch with more of you and in turn you to contact more people still, I'm sure that together we can find plently of jugglers, poi/staff spinners (he lsit goes on) for some spinning action.

To aid this further I have made a facebook group that hopfully we can start to fill with Wycombes performers.!/group.php?gid=309440234001
Happy spinning!

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