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ok so ive kinda got the feel for this move. i can get in and out fine but staying in it consistently is a problem for me. they either hit each other or get tangled. tips?

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I'm not sure when I stopped hitting them together

I think it was a little after I tried the splittime one handed butterfly if that's any help

You could try doing that and see if it helps

I think it seems to be like everything else where it just eventually stops

Other than that I can't be of any help, sorry

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I've been practicing this and what I'm trying to fine tune is the feel for where the Poi are traveling when they're that close and finding that precise moment to flick the wrist and give the Poi that push they need to continue but not knock them off course. That you have to be much more deliberate in your movement when the Poi are that much closer. That may or may not be helpful!

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