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Posted: Oh kay... So I was watching a trailer for the encyclopoidia, and He did the most amazing thing Ive seen in a long time:

From a behind the back weave(or it was a btb wall plane)he did windmill that went under his legs so that there was a circle trail in front of him on his wall plane coming from behind him.

I cant even figure out how to start this. If any of you know how to do it could you put up a tutorial?

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Posted:are you talking about the first encyclopoidia? i bought that dvd. it's the worst "tutorial" video i've ever seen. the extent of zan's "teaching" is him telling you to watch videos of him doing the moves, pause it, hit rewind, and watch it again until you figure out how it's done.

at any rate, it sounds like what you're talking about is SpT/SD (split time same direction) "dodging daggers." there's a pretty good tutorial here:
dodging daggers tutorial

as for btb weave, search nick woolsey's channel for the tutorial.


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Posted:The trick he does in the trailer is just entering both hands under the leg from behind and turning to exit. Here's a quick explanation:

From a reverse btb weave, when you're going to cross to the other side instead open your legs and let your leading Poi enter and the other Poi follow, then quickly turn 180 degrees (towards the side you were going to cross) while your Poi are under your leg and let them exit on the other side. It's easier to keep the momentum of the Poi going if you then turn again and return to btb reverse weave instead of switching to forwards btb weave.


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Posted:Old topic, but I noticed there was nothing in the tutorials for this specific variation of dodging daggers. I've never made a Poi video but this is a fairly easy trick that looks great on fire, so I made a quick video of it with a few variations. Hope this helps =)

BTB waistwrap w/ under the legs

I usually do this in the backwards btb waistwrap, as the Poi are returning from your left side. With your right foot forward, as the Poi cross your back, lower your right hand (then left) in succession under your legs. Both Poi will have to enter before you can complete your boxstep and bring your right foot backwards. If done correctly, the movement of your legs will exit the Poi smoothly and you can continue your btb waistwrap to your right side.