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Location: Cornwall, England

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Posted:Im goin to Glastonbury after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(sorry, this doesnt really need its own thread but u wud not believe how relieved + excited + happy + bouncy I am now so I needed to shout about it!!!!!!!!!)
Ticket came this morning + F**K was that cutting it fine!!!!!Cant wait to see everyone there!
Big Hug

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old hand
Location: Chester, UK

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Posted:Wot? Wot? Have I guessed yet?

Spoiling Christmas for small children since 2003.



Location: Manchester, England

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Posted:BADDABING!!! Nice one! Now you can stop stressing about you dodgy landlady and concentrate on getting excited....WOOO HOOO!
Only 5 more working hours for me!!! LAA LAA LAA!

boing...boing...When the naive man admits his naivete, he is no longer naive.Thus, all people are regarded by society as either ignorant or a liar.Wonders never cease, as long as you never cease to wonder.



Location: London/ Surrey

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Posted:Yay! very pleased for you!

(even though i'm not going yet again this year... )

Have a great time, see you at the beginning of July (bring me photos!). Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Ok, maybe a couple of things I wouldn't do...

The optimist claims that we are living in the best of all possible worlds.
The pessimist fears this is true.

Always make time to play in the snow.




Location: London

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Posted:C you there babe I'll be the one with Bell on

Hels Bells is that ok with you????


Ohh ohh 6 more hours of work left.........

A kiss blown is a kiss wasted, the only kind of kiss is a kiss tasted.

I'm a woman. We don't say what we want, but we reserve the right to be pissed off if we don't get it. That's what makes us so fascinating and not just a LITTLE bit scary.


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