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I'm considering getting a pair of mini hoops from HOP, and I'm wondering how to decide on the right diameter? Is there some sort of reference like with poi? Where it should be from your hand to your shoulder?

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Hhmmm from the few videos I've seen on hooping. It would be safe to assume from wrist, to crook of elbow. I thought more are concerned with weight than size.

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This is the guide that somebody posted on hoopcity.

"It's tough to say the "traditional" size, but recently people have been making the circumference of the hoop the same as there height. The finished hoop should be able to be rolled all the way up your body before overlapping."

That is the size of the ones i have and they work quite well for me.

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It's all personal preference, but the bigger they are, the easier they are to spin... I have 18", which are very small for minis and they're lightning fast!

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