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Posted:When you spin for an audience, do you generally freeball it, do you have sort of a routine that you kind of follow, or do you stick completely to a choreographed routine?

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Posted:Free within limits.

So I decide that I will mostly do certain types of move. I have managed to do entire burns (of reasonably varied and interesting stuff) without using butterfly timing for instance. Usually it is not that extreme though.

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Posted:So far all I have done is wing it. Haven't really been pleased with the results, though. I tend to do a few of the things I've been polishing, some of the things I just got down, but I forget to use my full range because there are some moves I just sort of got down and stopped using, even though they're interesting. Also at the moment I'm very much a trick-to-trick spinner, so that kind of limits my range of improvisation.