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Posted:This afternoon I was walking home from the gym and was about to walk down a path from which I saw a man emerge, look around, see me and walk back in. I assumed he must be waiting for someone so I took the path. I was walking behind him and he kept looking back at me. As we neared a junction with a road he put his bike against the railings on the left and stood to the right. As I passed him I heard gasping sounds so I looked back to see if he was in trouble.

He is now. This is a family board, so I will just say I saw him loooking straight back at me 'relieving' himself, and I don't mean that in a urinary way

I asked him what he thought he was playing at. He didn't reply. I told him I was going to call the police and crossed the road. I looked back again and he was on his bike. I thought he was going to follow me down the rest of the path but he turned off down the road. When I got home I called the police who came to take a statement from me and they'll be arranging for me to compile a photo-fit too.

That's all OK, I don't feel bad about it, I just can't understand why he did it. Especially as the railings he put his bike against were those of a school and he did this at 3.20pm, just before school ends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against nudity. In fact I support Steve Gough, who is as I write walking from Land's End to John O'Groats without any clothes on. I just didn't need to see what this man was doing, you know?

Any thoughts on this?

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Posted:I heard abt John O Goats, got arrested, nudity is natural but as weve been conditioned to wear clothes its going to be like that a while. Yes and there is no need for pervs like tht....




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Posted:Spanner - you did the right thing in my eyes, who knows what he could have done next - it's like a drug addiction, they always need to push it a little bit further to get a kick after a while. Good it's on the way to being nipped in the bud!

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Posted:I would have kicked him in the junk.

Although that is my answer to all situations.


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Posted:there's a giant diff between naturalists and perverts.
I'm with you in the football response, astar, cus the dude deserved it.
hope you didn't get too bothered, spanner!

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Posted:I have had this kind of thing happen to me twice. Once when I was 13 and again when I was eight months pregnant. It can really freak you out can't it?

I remember being really scared and shaken up the first time. I was terrified at the thought that he could have raped me.

The second time I was just furious. I memorised his car number and the police caught him straight away. He'd been doing it to young children for months and he got sent to prison.

The police advised me that it is unwise to aproach or confront a flasher as it can be dangerous. Besides, a reaction is what they are looking for.

I think if it ever happened again I would probably kick the guys head in as I am now trained in a martial art.

to Spanner to help her get over her shock.

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Posted:which martial art?




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Posted:I dont know if you guys outside the US have heard about it, or not, but there is a guy here in San Antonio that has made national news bicycling around town in just a thong.

I know him. He is a bit weird, but I had no problem with him riding around in the thong.

Earlier this week he got arrested. He decided to push it a little further. He dropped the thong, and was just wearing a bag like thing that covered his genitals. So, the people behind him were well this is a family board so I will just say they were getting winked at by the wrong eye.

I have no problem with nudity, I think it should not be illegal and one of the things that causes people (especially females) in the USA is our repressed attitudes about our bodies. But, I am still aware of the laws and think what he did was stupid.

At least he was not doing what upset the person who started this thread. That should be saved for when you are indoors with 10 of your closest friends.



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Posted:from what i've heard, flashers have a really low self-esteem, so they need people to react to the view of their genitalia, either get scared, angry, etc. so the best thing you can do is either just walk away and make him feel you don't care, or if you wanna be a bit mean, point and laugh of course, there is always the possibility that he gets agressive, but if not, he would be quite down for a while. but perhaps that leads him to try again, or worse, stronger things (rape?). i guess it's up to the "victim".
anyway, hope you don't need this info

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Posted:your just that damn sexy spanner...

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Posted:nudity is fine and good, but forcing someone to watch something (family-friendly reference to spanner's flasher) that is intended to make them uncomfortable is not.

If you're near other people and places (so you don't need to worry about evoking a violent response) point and laugh, tell him if you were him you wouldn't be so proud of that particular specimen..... that'll put a 'limp' in his stride!

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Posted:In my first year at university a funny thing happened along these lines...

This fourth year business student had had a bad day, she got up late, stained her clothing at breakfast, messed up badly a test and got dumped.

Later that night, as she's walking through the uni grounds, this old crusty guy steps out onto the path and flashes her!

If he wanted a reaction, he got one...She let out a bloodcurdling scream and charged right at him, screaming that she was going to rip his n*ts off and make him eat them!

He took off and she chased him, coat flapping behind him, and they were sighted many times by students before she finally tackled him (pun intended) and some other students jumped in to help restrain him while the police arrived.

He was arrested and spent a few months in jail

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